EVOLution of TREEs as drivers
of terrestrial biodiversity

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Make the most of EVOLTREE funding initiatives for your research


Databases in the eLab containing genetic, genomic and ecological information about genes, genome sequences, and natural experimental plantations.

Intensive Study Sites - large scale ecosystem plots to be used for genotyping and phenotyping studies. Travel grants available!


A warm welcome to new EVOLTREE partner from Romania

The EVOLTREE network is very pleased to welcome on board the National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry (INCDS) "Marin Drăcea".

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Become a Master of Nature with SLU

Top ranking SLU Faculty of Forest Sciences is offering four new Master programmes!

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EVOLTREE activities: time for choices and change

At the EVOLTREE 2019 Governing Board Meeting in Aberdeen in September, an appraisal was made of all the network activities and resources in order to help shape the current phase of EVOLTREE (2019-2022).

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Become a Master of Nature with SLU

Top ranking SLU Faculty of Forest Sciences is offering four new Master programmes!

  • Management and Conservation of Fish and Wildlife Populations
  • Forest Ecology for Sustainable Managmement
  • Plant biology for Sustainable Production
  • Euroforester

The Faculty of Forestry at SLU, Sweden holds a strong position internationally, with by far the largest number of publications within the field of forestry. Today, SLU conducts research and provides educational programmes and courses at several locations in Sweden, from the Arctic Circle to southern Sweden.

SLU contributes to EVOLTREE with education (international training programmes) and its involvement opens the possibility for fruitful collaborations with researchers from our eleven departments and forest research parks.

The Faculty of forestry is also investing resources to conduct an inventory of the Swedish natural forest resources with advanced technology that can be implemented in other areas in Europe through collaborative projects.

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Funding Initiatives

Funding is available for EVOLTREE members: training expense reimbursement, conference grants and project grants


eLab Services

The eLab provides a search interface which can browse over all databases currently available within the EVOLTREE project.



Scientific events of interest to the EVOLTREE community are listed here. Conference grants are available to cover expenses



EVOLTREE is a growing resource, archived Articles can be found here.

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