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Software for model support and data-processing

From the EvolTree project:

  • EvolTree Modelling Platform Starter Application

    The EvolTree Modelling Platform Starter Application is a tiny program that takes its instructions from the Modelling Platform at this website, unpacks the data and invokes the appropriate model.

  • FormatIn

    FormatIn is a Perl script to transform genotypic data produced by the different simulation programs of the modeling platform into the input format required by several population genetic programs (Arlequin, Cervus, FSTAT, GDA_NT, GenAlExGenePop, MLTR, POLDISP, SGS, SPAGeDi, Structure, and Swap). It will run on personal computers and workstations that have Perl installed. A short manual is distributed with the script.

  • Viewer - Visualization of Simulation Runs

    Viewer is an R script to visualize parameter values during simulation runs. It produces animated graphs. It will run on most personal computers and workstations that have R installed.

External applications:

  • Stand Visualization System

    The Stand Visualization System or SVS generates graphic images depicting stand conditions represented by a list of individual stand components, e.g., trees, shrubs, and down material. The images produced by SVS, while abstract, provide a readily understood representation of stand conditions. Images produced using SVS help communicate silvicultural treatments and forest management alternatives to a variety of audiences. SVS displays stand information represented by a list of individual plant and log components in a realistic, although abstract, fashion; displays stand information in a manner that communicates the overall structural diversity present within the stand; differentiates between stand components using different plant forms, colors, or other types of marking; provides overhead, profile and perspective views of a stand; and more

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